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Robotic Automation Services

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Robotics automation provides many industries with a variety of tasks that increase efficiency, improve quality and performance of output and reduces overall costs of production and/or manufacturing. Automating your processes through the use of robotics, offers solutions to low productivity, capacity constraints, repetitive or hazardous tasks and skills shortages.


Applications of Robotics Automation

Greatly used in the manufacturing industry, robotics automation is suitable for products made in high volumes, in batches or those requiring customised designs. Contrary to belief, automation can also work well to deal with many, low quantity production runs of similar products. Automation is well suited to repetitive tasks, those that require high precision or that involve hazardous or dangerous conditions.

Packaging and palletising – Used in warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities. Automated palletisers reduce costs and lead times. Robotic palletisers can be custom designed to suit your specific needs.

Of great benefit in the food and beverage industry and in the pharmaceuticals and neuroceuticals industry.

Machine Tending – using a robot to load and unload parts into another process. For example ,loading parts into a robotic welding cell and unloading the finished product.

Machining – Used in a variety of tasks such as, welding, drilling, polishing, grinding and bending metals.

Dispensing – Dispensing a specific adhesive or hot melts in or around products during assembly.

Painting and Resin Application – Any process that requires precision painting, such as plastic or metal components for the automotive industry, household appliances, boats, farming and construction equipment, electronics and the aerospace industry.


Benefits of Robotics Automation

Company systemisation has been recognized , as the most beneficial factor when integration of an automated robotics solution is made into your company, due to it’s reliability, consistency and increased output scalability.


Numerous other benefits of implementing robotic automation also exist across many industries from cost savings, to increased performance, increased throughput and lower health and safety concerns:


Packaging and palletising

  • Improved efficiency: Designed for ease of use in loading and unloading pallets and in moving materials to conveyors and pallets.
  • Faster material handling: Repetitive and time consuming operations are stream-lined.
  • Improved logistics: Accurate moving, loading and placement of goods and materials.
  • Reduced worker injury: The instances of heavy and repetitive lifting is minimised and the ability to lift and move very heavy loads, over 400kg is simplified.



Consistent results: Automated robotics provide consistent and precise results every time. Precision control of speed, pressure, force and placement so that the most challenging tasks can be reliably automated. When you have a number of different fabrication needs, we can design and develop a cell for the entire process.

Mixed fabrication: Manufacturing processes that include metal, timber or other components, can be designed to work seamlessly within an automated system.

Less wastage: The precision of robotic automation results in less wastage of materials and fewer product returns.



Increased savings and waste reduction: Automated robotics provide a consistency and quality that is unachievable with traditional painting methods. The paint application is precisely applied, resulting in complete coverage and a flawless finish.

Increased safety: Automated painting systems can perform repetitive tasks, operate at heights and in enclosed or dangerous environments. These advantages reduce the health and safety hazards for employees.

Complex painting: Specialised painting cells can be designed to paint different materials such as metal, wood or plastics (requiring different paint types) and to use a variety of colours.

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